Honey delight combo lets you enjoy the Raw honey in the most flavorful ways possible.

Turmeric Twist Honey (250g) combines the benefits of turmeric, ginger, black pepper and raw honey giving it a power to cure common illness and it helps you improve your immunity.

Spicy Twist Honey(250g) has a ghost chilli also known as Bhut jolokia chilli. It has a flavor that goes well with many food items. Drizzle it on your favorite namkin snacks or add it to your mocktails.

Roselle Infused Honey (250g) is a combination of honey with a lovely tangy flavour of Roselle calyces (Hibiscus) and has a beautiful deep ruby colour.

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Indulge in the Sweetness of Raw Honey with Added Benefits of Spices.

Zizira brings to you the benefits of raw honey along with the twist of turmeric, ginger, black pepper & ghost chillies.
Benefits of Using Our Honey Delight Combo
  • Supports your Immune System
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Rich with Antioxidants
  • Reduces Nausea due to Motion Sickness or Flu
  • Good for Health

Know Where Your Food Comes From

Located at the source, the rich natural region of Meghalaya, Zizira works with farmers of Meghalaya. We assure high quality products direct from the source. 

Turmeric Twist Honey

Honey infused with turmeric, ginger and black pepper is an ancient remedy for cough and cold.

Zizira’s Turmeric Twist honey makes it easy for you to consume ginger and a high curcumin turmeric in the most convenient way.

  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  • Ginger is an antibiotic and can help nausea, detoxification and digestion.
  • This honey infusion has black pepper to ensure absorption of the curcumin in your body.
  • This honey can ease your pain, support your immune system, reduce the nausea due to motion sickness or flue and not to mention lift your spirit.
Turmeric Twist
How to Use?
Turmeric, ginger and honey is a combination which many generations have used to fight common illness. We have made it more powerful with a high curcumin turmeric and black pepper to help your body absorb the curcumin. All you need to do is incorporate it in your diet in any way you like.
  • Add it to warm water to consume it daily in the morning.
  • Add it to warm milk to end your day with a calming golden milk at night.
  • Use it as a sweetener to your beverages such as tea or juices.
  • Use it as a topping on your breakfast cereals/pancakes or use it like a bread-spread.

Spicy Twist Honey

Honey infused with Bhut Jolokia Chilli

Raw honey meets the hottest Bhut Jolokia Chilli to give your taste buds a sweet and spicy treat. You will have to be careful when you put a spoonful of this twisted honey in your mouth.
  • Honey is pure and raw without any processing which means all the qualities of raw honey remain intact with much better taste.
  • Helps to boost immunity and increases your energy level.
  • Ghost pepper is known to help metabolism and can also help in weight loss.
  • Serve it with snacks.
  • Add it to your juice or mocktail in your house party.
Spicy Twist Honey
How to Use

Everything about this honey is not just fun but healthy too. This sweet and spicy treat is something that will leave you wanting for more.

The spicy twist of Ghost Chilli makes this honey much more interesting and useful. You will have to be careful when you put a spoonful of this twisted honey in your mouth.

  • Use it as a sweetener to also give a hint of spice to your beverages.
  • Use it like a sweet and spicy bread-spread.
  • Enjoy it with snacks of your choice such as Samosa, Dhokla or even chips.
  • Make your Avocado breakfast taste delicious with this honey topping.

Roselle Infused Honey

Honey is delicious and healthy which easily welcomes other flavours of herbs, spices, flowers and fruits.

Using an infusion process, we have combined honey with a lovely tangy flavour of Roselle calyces. (Hibiscus) and has a beautiful deep ruby colour.

  • Roselle (Hibiscus) is known to have been used in folk medicine as a diuretic and mild laxative, as well as in treating cancer and cardiac and nerve diseases.
  • Roselle may help Lower Blood Pressure, lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Can be a healthy alternative to your regular fruit jam

How to use

This infusion should be an amazing alternative to any fruit jam. It is tangy because of roselle and sweet because of honey.

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a species of Hibiscus that has many health benefits.

  • Snack on it from the jar using a teaspoon or use it as a spread on bread
  • Drizzle it over your favourite dessert.
  • Use Roselle Honey to create an iced tea for hot summer days. Add two teaspoon of Roselle honey to a cup of water, add some ice and garnish it with spearmint.
  • You can also create a herbal tea using warm water and a teaspoon or two of Roselle Honey. Good choice for and evening tea.

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Most frequent questions and answers
It takes 8-10 working days to reach you from the date of order.
Zizira Honey is pure, natural, raw and unprocessed. It has been tested free of artificial additives, coloring or preservative. It’s color, thickness & flavor depends directly on the source of the nectar.
Obtained from the traditional beekeepers of Meghalaya with years of indigenous knowledge, Zizira’s pure Honey is made from sun-soaked pollen and nectar collected by bees.
It is unprocessed and comes to you straight from the honeycomb, retaining all its nutrients, just as found in nature.
It varies on how much you consume these products. Generally daily use of these products will last for 40 to 65 days.
Honey does not need refrigeration as it preserves itself. We recommend the use of honey within a year to enjoy the best taste of these infusions.
The Bhut Jolokia chilli in the honey will keep increasing the hotness of your fireball honey over the days . You can remove the chilli from your honey jar if you think it has reached the desired hotness.
Yes. You can call or whatsapp us on +91 8119840256.

In fact, they are called calyces. It is calyx the red fleshy covering enclosing the flowers seed pod, which we have used to infuse this Mawsynram Honey. It’s a perfect combination of sweet and fruity sourness in every spoon.

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