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  • Highlights of a paper on herbal remedies among the Khasi traditional healers and village folks in Meghalaya By S R Hynniewta & Yogendra Kumar published in
    May 2006.

  • A list of 54 herbal plants used by traditional healers of Meghalaya

  • First-hand information on the herbal remedies, including mode of application and dosage

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Summary of the Ethnobotanical Survey


SR Hynniewta &
Yogendra Kumar

Scientists, Dept. of Botany, NEHU

SR Hynniewta & Yogendra Kumar, two scientists from the Department of Botany, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, through an ethnobotanical survey, set out to gather information on the herbal remedies practiced in Meghalaya.

Why? They wanted to document the vast knowledge possessed by traditional healers, most of which was passed on only by word of mouth.

“Therefore, it is interesting to record the traditional wisdom about plant wealth of their surroundings though there is a steady decline in human expertise capable of recognizing various medicinal plants. A paper was brought forward based on the folklore medico-botany of the Khasi and Jaintia tribes in Meghalaya” write the authors.

But information was not easy to come as the practitioners were not ready to share their knowledge – it was like a trade secret. The end result of the hard work they itemized 54 plant species that were being used as herbal medicines.

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Important observations

  • Get ready for the list of 54 medicinal plants
    identified in this survey as being

  • Used by traditional healers in Meghalaya

  • Arranged in the alphabetical order
    of their Botanical name

  • The family name and the local name
    of each medicinal plant provided

  • Herbal remedies with each
    of the plants given and Zizira researched additional information, related links and image of each plants