This New Year

A Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones!

This holiday season, add a little sweet and spice to their lives with an authentic Gift Basket all the way from Meghalaya.

Gift your loved ones our Wildflower Honey, Long Pepper and Bird’s Eye Chilli on our Meg Special Gift Basket.

We bring to you a gift basket that includes unique spices straight from the farms of Meghalaya. Our team took special care in developing these products and packing them in a hand-woven cane basket.

These Meghalaya Treasures would be a fabulous gift both for anyone who loves to cook or who are conscious about where their food comes from.

In the basket you’ll get:

  • Wildflower Honey (150g)
  • Bird-eye Chilli (50g)
  • Long-pepper (50g)


Price: 1,199/-

Includes all charges & taxes.

Products in the Basket

Indian Long Pepper

Our Indian Long Pepper is pungent in taste and light in its effect with somewhat of an earthy and gingery tone to it. We source the long pepper from sustainable family farms wherein they use natural fertility of the soil provided by leaves and foliage.

Long pepper is mostly used for natural remedies. You can add it as an ingredient in combination herbs in Ayurvedic medicine for healing stomachache, heart burns as well as improve appetite and digestion.

Piperine in our long pepper powder helps to increase the digestion process by stimulating the stomach to break down food faster. Adding it to your food will help you digest your food faster.

Raw Honey

Our Raw Honey comes directly from honeybees also called the nectar of the Gods.

Zizira Raw Honey has unprocessed, pure and natural goodness in a jar. We source the honey from Thad village in Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya. You will love the smooth consistency and the rich sweet & warm aftertaste that lingers in your taste buds.

Pure Honey is filled with antioxidants that helps in boosting the immune system, in reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

It has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory healing properties which is an easy choice to treat minor wounds and burns. Consuming honey can also relieve the body from fatigue as it helps the body to maintain glycogen levels.

Bird's Eye Chilli

Bird’s eye chilli is treasured for its unique pungency and spiciness. The chilli gets its name from its petite size and a shape which is similar to a bird’s eye. It is well known in the region for its heat level, which sort of contradicts its tiny size.

Bird’s eye chilli possess numerous medicinal properties, mainly due to its high capsaicin content. It has anti-bacterial properties and is believed to help improve appetite and aid in controlling flatulence. It is also believed that regular consumption of bird’s eye chilli helps in controlling cholesterol level and even blood pressure.

You can use the chilli flakes in cooking or as part of salads.

This Gift Basket is perfect to share with your loved ones.

Start your New Year with our pure and healthy products from Zizira.

Pure, Unadulterated. Traditionally Grown Herbs & Spices of Meghalaya


Most frequent questions and answers

What’s in the Meg Special Gift Basket?

This combo pack contains 150g wildflower honey, 50g Bird-eye chilli and 50g Long-pepper.

When will I receive my order?

It takes 8-10 working days to reach you from the date of order.

What’s special about Zizira Honey?

Zizira Honey is pure, natural, raw and unprocessed. It has been tested free of artificial additives, coloring or preservative. It’s color & flavor depends directly on the source (wildflowers in this case) of the nectar.

Obtained from the traditional beekeepers of Meghalaya with years of indigenous knowledge, Zizira’s pure wildflower honey (multiflora honey) is made from sun-soaked pollen and nectar collected by bees in the summer months.

The beekeepers plant the flowers that the bees love or place the hive in a habitat filled with wildflowers. Hence the flavor of this honey comes from the wildflowers growing naturally around the bee’s nest.

How long will these products last?

It varies on how much you consume these products. Generally daily use of these products will last for 40 to 65 days.

I have a question, can you answer?

It takes 8-10 working days to reach you from the date of order.

What’s special about Long Pepper?

Piper Longum, as it is referred to, or Long Pepper, is different from black pepper. In fact, dried long pepper looks a little like dried green chilli.

It grows in a creeper and is cultivated in Meghalaya in the Cherrapunji region.

The unique chemical composition of this plant extends its utility beyond the culinary to curative. The roots and thicker parts of stem of long pepper are cut and dried and used as an important drug (Piplamool or Pippali) in the Ayurvedic and Unani systems. Research shows that piper longum is useful for liver and spleen ailments, for diabetes, for stomach problems and toothaches.

In the northeast India it is also used to spice up pickles and preserves, giving them a distinctive aroma and flavour.

What’s special about Bird Eye Chilli?

Bird’s eye chilli is treasured for its unique pungency and spiciness. The chilli gets its name from its petite size and a shape which is similar to a bird’s eye. It is long, slender and tapering!

Bird’s eye chilli is believed to have a high capsaicin content which is responsible for its pungency. Capsaicin present in chilli binds with the receptors in the mouth. These receptors are responsible for sensing the heat, leading to a burning sensation. But, people tend to love it once they get used to it!

The way it is most relished in Meghalaya is in its pickled form where additional spices like Fenureek, Fennel Seed, Black cumin seed, Mustard seeds and Bishop Weed seeds are blended in. The pickle looks visually very appealing and it adds a great punch to salads too.

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