Scheme for Farmers

Scheme offered in the area
of Horticulture & Agriculture

Agricultural Engineering (Mechanical)

A 50% subsidy provided for purchase of improved farm machinery and implements.

Other Schemes for The Farmers of Meghalaya

Under Soil & Water Conservation Department

Soil & Water
Conservation Schemes

This scheme covers the general areas outside those not specifically covered by other packages of schemes of the Department. Its main objective is to reduce soil erosion hazards and land degradation water conservation etc., where individuals/groups of farmers are targeted.

State Soil Survey

To survey and prepare block-wise soil fertility map of the State through soil sample collection, soil analysis and soil mapping. Data, maps of soil survey carried out can be availed by the public.

What you will find in this document

Zizira brings you details of Government schemes that benefit farmers of Meghalaya.
Source of data: Meghalaya Govt. Portal & portal of Department of Agriculture, Meghalaya.
All these schemes will be available at least till March 31st 2020. A few till 2025.
We are presenting only those schemes that can be used directly by the farmers.
Refer to the following for:
More Government Schemes in the area of Agriculture - funded by the State Plan, centrally sponsored schemes
More Govt. Schemes in area of Horticulture - funded by the State Plan
Schemes under the Department of Agriculture in the Meghalaya Govt. Portal

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